Osher Lifelong Learning Web Application

OLLI Web Application

OLLI is an organization in Washington DC that provides courses to further education later in life. I worked as the primary developer on this project for Modern Signal The project leveraged the in-house CMS for Modern Signal to provide all kinds of taxonomies to manage courses, students and registrations for OLLI. Students can sign up, register and pay for selected classes through the web application. Tools and reports are available for administrators to manage all aspects. The site was built with ASP.net MVC with Microsoft SQL Server as the database. … [Continue reading...]

Death to WordPress! Long Live WordPress!


After much deliberation, I have decided to avoid brochure-type marketing sites built on Wordpress. The competition is just too stiff, and the margins too thin. Further complicating things is the growth of website platforms like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and the rest that are starting to mature into very viable alternatives. Instead, my focus is not on application development, primarily for the web, but mobile as well. I have rediscovered some of the beauty of .Net, but also am very exited about the open source frameworks out there for building great software. I hope to be diving into Ruby on Rails or Django (Python) this year. The latter part of last year has brought with it some great new contracting clients like Modern Signal and … [Continue reading...]

Single Malt Flight Experience

Mobile Web Application

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Encore Guest Purchase Application

encore web application

Encore needed a fully responsive e-commerce site. I helped the great guys at Zoomasoft put this together for them. The site is built in Drupal and utilized a lot of the latest Javascript and CSS techniques. I primarily provided UI development services on this application. … [Continue reading...]

Rack It Up Web Application

.NET Web Application

I have helping the wonderful people at Modern Signal with a project called Rack It Up. This web application and bookmarklet allows users to 'rack' items they find on supported fashion sites. The system then sends an email when the item goes on sale. There are many social features included such as following other users and the ability to 'Love' an item. Accounts are created either directly or using Facebook or Google login's. The site is created using a proprietary CMS utilizing ASP.net MVC and SQL Server for the database. … [Continue reading...]

MJM Photography WordPress Website

Wordpress Photography Website

MJM Photography provides personalized photography services in the Vancouver, Washington area. Monica wanted to move from her blogspot site to something a little more professional that could support her growing business. A clean, responsive theme was used so the site would work well on mobile devices. Monica and I then worked through setting up the proper content and tweaking the theme with a custom font and some other added features. The site focuses attention on the images she has produced and provides a great way for clients to review her work. … [Continue reading...]

Rocktown Realty New Website

Wordpress Realty Website

Rocktown Realty had an existing website that primarily focused on their rental and property management services. They were looking to expand the realty side of their business and wanted a new website to focus on that. Wordpress was chosen along with IDX services provided by DSI Solutions to give a easy to update but fully functional realty website. In a addition, a custom landing page which leads to their different services was developed utilizing a full screen image background for dramatic effect. Plugins were installed and customized to allow simple edits to featured properties, agent profiles and testimonials as well as a mortgage calculator. The results have been very well received, and now Rocktown is planning to redesign the … [Continue reading...]

Bradley Pollack Law


Mr. Pollack is a local lawyer who was looking to update his web presence. He has several urls which were all pointing to some fairly basic individual sites. He wanted something more pleasing to the eye and that presented his law practice professionally to the community as well as to potential out-of-state clients. Wordpress was used as well as a responsive theme from Studiopress. The result is a clean interface that works well on all devices. The platform is now in place for easy future updates as Mr. Pollack is planning on adding additional content. … [Continue reading...]

What is the Intelligence Quotient of Your Business?

Measure Business Intelligence

There is a common theme among many of the buzzwords in the business technology arena lately. Big data. Business intelligence. Analytics. I would some it up with the phrase 'you are what you track.' The basic idea is to accurately measure particular aspects of your business to watch for trends and see what impact specific initiatives and decisions are having on your business. Of course, big business has been doing this for years and continues to get better at it. What has changed in recent years is the availability of technologies that make tracking key indicators easier and attainable for small and medium sized businesses. The question is what should be tracked? Here are a few of the more common areas that most business could benefit … [Continue reading...]

What is this ‘scope creep’ thing anyway?

Scope creep in software development

All projects start out¬†innocuously¬†enough. 'It's just a brochure website' or 'it's just a simple CRM.' As the client, you rightly need some idea of what it is going to cost and how long it will take. As the developer, however, I don't know what I don't know at this point and therefore have to allow for the dreaded 'scope creep.' What is scope creep? It is additions or changes to previously agreed upon project parameters. Let's say you want to make a simple bird house. No big deal right? Make a box, drill a hole and your done. Now, what kind of wood? Do I use glue, nails or screws? How big is it? Once that is decided and put together, the realization is made that it does not look all that great. Lets have a sloped roof, a landing peg … [Continue reading...]